Year-end party night held


A year-end party and a New Year's party were held in late January to celebrate the normalization of the company through overcoming the corona last year. All of the company's middle executive staff and partner companies in business relations participated in the grand process.

In particular, the event that led to relay donations from partner companies became a festival venue for the company's employees.

The party's gift awards ceremony, held with Lucky Draw, was colorful and rich.

As a list of gifts, you can see an AirBlade motorcycle, refrigerator (large, medium), air conditioner, wall-mounted TV, large TV etc. and  cash(VND).

The finale of the Lucky draw is the Grand Prize as an  AirBlade Motorcycle. This product was purchased by our president as a gift of thanks to employees suffering from personal money. As the best employee in 2020, Mr.UC (Maintenance Dept.) was selected.

We hope that this year will grow more than last year and sales will increase, and we will work together to achieve our goal of 50 million dollars at the end of the year, so let's work harder on our job. We all hope that the event will be held more abundantly like this year in early next year.

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